Springers Casanova

Gelding born 2018 - 144 cm
Grey from dun

Super performance prospect!

Sold 2021.


Springers Hazy Avalon Hazy Dawn
Dale Haze (Tully Grey)
Castle Park (Abbeyleix Owen)
Enghøjs Vanessa
Cocum Thunder Boy (Thunderbolt)
Enghøjs Lovely Lauren (F. Hazy Marvel)
Springers Calibra  Lofty Malachy Dexter Leam Pondi (Leam Finnigan)
Beezies Bounty (Carrantubber Lad)
Frederiksminde Crown Princess
Kippure Cashel (Cloonisle Cashel)
Frederiksminde Christel (Hazy Dawn)

Mare family

5. Ditlevhøjs Camilla (Rory Ruadh / Lehid Breeze) born 1980, 2 foals.
4.     Frederiksminde Christina (Earl of Doon), 1. premium and Best in Show 1992, born 1984, broodmare.
              Frederiksminde Hazy Chance (Hazy Dawn), licensed stallion (Sweden).
              Frederiksminde Charisma (Hazy Dawn), premiummare in Germany, broodmare.
              Frederiksminde Hazy Camelot (Hazy Dawn), licensed stallion.
3.          Frederiksminde Christel (Hazy Dawn), 1. premium and Best in Show 1993, born 1990, broodmare.
                   Frederiksminde Catriona (Spinway Comet), 1. premium and Best in Show 2001, broodmare.
                   Frederiksminde Camilla (Øxenholm Matador), 1. premium and Best in Show 2007, broodmare.
2.                    Frederiksminde Crown Princess (Kippure Cashel), born 2004, broodmare
                        Springers Charleen (Dexter Leam Pondi), winner and inspected in the highest division of class 1.
1.                    Springers Calibra (Lofty Malachy), inspected in the highest division of class 1 with a 10 for jumping capacity.

The stallions
Springers Hazy Avalon has excellent type, temperament and jumping ability. Avalon is now in Norway as a performance pony. Casanova is his only foal.  

Lofty Malachy combines super performance and show genes. See more about him on his site (link in the pedigree).

Family photo


2021 - 3 years old


Video loose jumping and movement - May 2021

2020 - 2 years old

Video 2nd time loose jumping - April 2020

2018 - Foal