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Birkely Spokojna
Born 1991 - 145 cm
Sire: Majgaardens Killian
Dam: Øxenholm Square Dancer
Grandsire: Rory Ruadh

Danish Champion cross country jumping
Silver medal Danish Championship eventing 
Silver Nordic Championship team eventing
Grade A eventing
Grade B showjumper
Barholts Madonna
Born 1992 - 143 cm
Sire: Lærkens Catch Me
Dam: Barholts Rosaleen
Grandsire: Øxenholm Markbook

Championfoal 1992
Best in Show 1995
Enghøjs Vanessa
Born 2004 - 144 cm
Sire: Cocum Thunder Boy
Dam: Enghøjs Lovely Lauren
Grandsire: Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel

Championfoal 2004
Inspected with 9 in overall impression
Springers Just Lovely
Born 2007 - 145 cm
Sire: Hesselbjerggård Justice
Dam: Enghøjs Lovely Lauren
Grandsire:Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel

Championfoal 2007
Junior Champion 2008
3x winner 2008-2009
Springers Poetic Mist
Born 2008 - 145 cm
Sire: Poetic Justice
Dam: Barholts Madonna
Grandsire: Lærken's Catch Me

1st prize 2010
41 points, 9 for trot, show 2011
Springers Charleen
Born 2010 - 145 cm
Sire: Dexter Leam Pondi
Dam: Frederiksminde Crown Princess
Grandsire: Kippure Cashel

Inspected with a 9 for overall impression
Springers Calibra
Born 2011 - 148 cm
Sire: Lofty Malachy
Dam: Frederiksminde Crown Princess
Grandsire: Kippure Cashel

Class 1A
10 for jumping capacity
Springers Savannah
Born 2011 - 147 cm
Sire: Marvel van Graaf Janshof
Dam: Enghøjs Vanessa
Grandsire: Cocum Thunder Boy
Springers Spokojna
Born 2013 - 143 cm
Sire: Springers Poetic Rohan
Dam: Birkely Spokojna
Grandsire: Maigaardens Killian

Previous broodmares

Frederiksminde Crown Princess
Born 2004 - 140 cm
Sire: Kippure Cashel
Dam: Frederiksminde Christel
Grandsire: Hazy Dawn

Class 1
Dam of 3 class 1 mares

Sold 2016
Roanne Pondi
Born 2005 - 146 cm
Sire: Magic Leam Pondi
Dam: Hazure Pondi
Grandsire: Cyrano Pondi

Top French showjumping lines.

We sadly lost Roanne in 2013.
Baunely's Daphne
Born 2000 - 148 cm
Sire: Ravnsholt's Diablo
Dam: Baunely's Bernadette
Grandsire: Earl of Doon

Championfoal 2000
Kærvangs Grace
Born 1989 - 146 cm
Sire: Øxenholm Markbook
Dam: Kærvangs Salome
Grandsire: Padraig of Rosenaharley

Best Pony of Inspection 1996

On loan to our stud 2006-2010