Springers Gazelle

Partbred mare born 2006 - 148 cm
Grey (from bay with spots)

Gazelle has amazing gaits.

Sold 2016


Korto unknown
Kærvangs Grace           
1. premium                    
Øxenholm Markbook
Elite Stallion
Rory Ruadh Elite stallion (Finney Master)
Lambay Marie Elite mare (Murrisk)
Kærvangs Salome Padraig of Rosenaharley Elite stallion (Doon Paddy)
Majgaardens Donna Elite mare (Padraig of R.)

Mare family

4. Rosenaharley Sugar (Innishgoill Laddie /Aughris Bay), born 1955, 7 foals.
         Rosenaharley Caitlin (Mac Namara),  1. premium Elitemare, 12 foals.
3.     Majgaardens Donna (Padraig of Rosenaharley), born 1970, 5 foals.
             Kærvangs Candie (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1. premium Elitemare, 17
             Kærvangs Ditte (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1. premium, born 1971, 7 foals.
2.         Kærvangs Salome (Padraig of Rosenaharley), born 1979, 3 foals.

1.             Kærvangs Grace (Øxenholm Markbook), born 1989, 1. premium.
                 Kyril Adais (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), gelding inspection with 8 in overall impression.
                 Tvedens Talenos (Hovholmens Golden Flash), twice winner of the gelding class at the swedish national show.

Korto is a spotted stallion Grace was allowed to run with before we leased her. 

Øxenholm Markbook was born in 1980 and is a elite stallion. He has sired almost 100 foals and is still active at 28 years. Markbook competed in showjumping at regional level at 22 years. He is the sire of Enghøjs Jáir, European Championship participant in showjumping 2004 (individual 20th place); Cypresgårdens Zeuz, grade A dressage; and many grade B dressage- and showjumping ponies. Markbook is also the sire of several mares with a 1. premium at inspection and the licensed stallions Skousboe Sunwise (Denmark /Sweden) and Rhinstrøms Mighty Man (Germany).

Family photo


2016 - 10 years

Video ridden in July 2016

Video loose jumping 110 cm in March 2016

2015 - 9 years

2009 and earlier - foal to 6 years