Springers Just Lovely

Born 2007 - 144 cm

Lovely is class 1 and N/N for HWSD.

Her foals have been exported to 3 countries so far.


Championfoal 2007

3 times winner in hand 2008-2009

Inspected with a 9 for her walk

Dam of class 1 stallion Springers Legolas


Hesselbjerggård Justice Pilgaards Sammy Junior
Grade B showjumper&dressage
Øxenholm Sammy (Holiday Prince)
Kærvangs Candie Elite mare (R. Lavelle)
Clonemare June
B-pony spring
Earl of Doon Elite stallion (Abbeyleix Owen)
Clonemare Lady Elite mare (Carrabaun Boy)
Enghøjs Lovely Lauren
Elite mare
Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel
Grade B dressage, Elite stallion
Hazy Dawn (Dale Haze)
Øxenholm Mandy (Marble)
Enghøjs Queenie
Elite mare
Øxenholm Godot Elite stallion (Lambay Rebel)
Majgaardens Golden Pear (Majgaardens Paddy)

Mare family 3. Majgaardens Golden Pear (Majgaardens Paddy / Rosenaharley Silver Nutmeg) born 1971, 7 foals.
         Kiwi (Øxenholm Markbook), 1. premium, 13 foals.
2.     Enghøjs Queenie (Øxenholm Godot), 1. premium Elitemare, born 1978, 15 foals.
              Enghøjs Golden Baron (Øxenholm Geronimo), grade B dressage.
              Enghøjs Irish Golden Rose (Øxenholm Markbook), Medal inspected, broodmare.
              Enghøjs O'Hara (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), premiummare in Germany, broodmare.
1.          Enghøjs Lovely Lauren (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), Medal inspected Elitemare, born 1994, broodmare.
                   Enghøjs Quincy Blue (Baunely's Dipper), grade A showjumper, CSIP.
                   Enghøjs Rebel Joy (Rebel Justice),  regional showjumping.
                   Enghøjs Red Scarlet (Coosheen Finnegan), grade B showjumping, Elitemare.
                   Enghøjs Tabita (Øxenholm Markbook), medal inspected.
                   Enghøjs Vanessa (Cocum Thunder Boy), championfoal 2004, inspected with 9 in overall impression.
                   Nyholts Laureen (Lærken's Catch Me), championfoal 2008.

                   Nyholts Lover Boy (Kilpatrick Boy), championfoal 2010.

Sire's mare family
4. Strandhill Colleen (Bridge Boy / Leam Lassie), Elitemare, born 1967, 10 foals.
          Øxenholm Cecily (Cnoc Dabuide), 1. premium, 6 foals.
          Øxenholm Casanova (Øxenholm Godot), grade A showjumper.
          Øxenholm Claire (Øxenholm Godot), 1. premium Elitemare, dam of EC eventing Bøgegaardens Calibra, 17 foals.
          Øxenholm Cora (Carrabaun Boy), Elitemare, dam of EC dressage Munkholm Cobbergate and M. Colooney, 12 foals.
          Clementine (Carrabaun Boy), 1. premium Elitemare, 12 foals.
3.      Clonemare Lady (Carrabaun Boy), Elitemare, placed in regional level dressage, born 1971, 7 foals. 
               Øxenholm Love Affair (Øxenholm Godot), grade A showjumper. 
2.           Clonemare June (Earl of Doon),  grade B showjumper, 1 foal.
1.                 Hesselbjerggård Justice (Pilgaards Sammy Jounir), licensed stallion.


Hesselbjerggård Justice was born in 2000 and died in 2006. He was licensed in Germany and passed a 30-day performance test. Justice was a very talented jumper. He has sired only 10 foals; 7 colts and 3 fillies. Justice is the sire of class 1 stallions Hohnhorst Jaro, Hohnhorst Jeremy and Hohnhorst Jordan. Hohnhorst Marissa won championfoal and is a  state premium candidate in Germany. Justice is the sire of both the  Champion- and reserve Championfoal in Denmark 2007. 

Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel was born in 1989 and is an Elite stallion in Germany. He won Best in Show in 1991, 1992 and 1993 in Denmark. Hazy Marvel is the sire of many 1. premium mares and licensed stallions; Lundholmvejen Buckaneer, winner of the Danish Championship in eventing in 2003, 2004 and 2005 and the Nordic-Baltic Championship in 2006, Nørlunds Melody Maker, grade A dressage; Haahr's Antony, licensed stallion and grade B showjumper, and several grade B dressage ponies.

Family photo


2022 - 15 years

2014 - 7 years

2012 - 5 years

2011 - 4 years


2010 - 3 years





                                           2011: Springers Just Believe, filly by Marvel van Graaf Janshof
                                           2012: Springers Legolas, colt by Springers Poetic Rohan
                                           2013: Springers Joleen, filly by Springers Poetic Rohan
                                           2015: Springers Las Vegas, colt by Springers Poetic Rohan
                                           2018: Springers Jessica, filly by Springers Golden Mint
                                           2019: Springers Jazz, colt by Springers Golden Mint
                                           2022: Springers Louisiana, filly by Springers Golden Mint
                                           2023: Springers Lysander, colt by Springers Golden Mint

Springers Just Believe (2011)
Class 1 mare with the highest score for movement at the inspection 2015.
Sold in Denmark.

Springer Legolas (2012)
Class 1 stallion, performance tested with 8.17 for jumping!
Sold to Germany

Springers Joleen (2013)
Class winner at youngstock show 2015
Results in jumping and eventing.
Sold to Finland

Springers Las Vegas (2015)
Sold to Sweden

Springers Jessica (2018)
Sold in Denmark

Springers Jazz (2019)
Sold to Germany

Springers Louisiana (2022)

Springers Lysander (2023)