Springers Moonlight

Gelding from 2010 - 148 cm
Grey (from chestnut)

Super mover and jumper!


Lissroe Hurricane
Gun Smoke
Smokey Duncan (Westside Frank)
Brown Lady (Abbeyleix Owen)
Lissroe Lady
Ferdia (Murphy Rebel)
Faded Pansy (Corbally Con)
Barholts Madonna            
Best in Show                    
Lærkens Catch Me
Grade B dressage
Øxenholm Marble Jr. Elite stallion (Marble)
Lærkens Camille Elite mare (R. Lavelle)
Barholts Rosaleen
Elite mare
Øxenholm Markbook Elite stallion (Rory Ruadh)
Kærvangs Ditte 1. premium (Rosenaharley Lavelle)

Mare family4. Majgaardens Donna (Padraig of Rosenaharley/Rosenaharley Sugar), born 1970, 5 foals.
         Kærvangs Candie (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1 premium Elitemare, 17 foals.
3.     Kærvangs Ditte (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1 premium, born 1971, 7 foals.
              Barholts McKenzie (Øxenholm Markbook), grade B dressage.
2.          Barholts Rosaleen (Øxenholm Markbook), 1. premium Elitemare, born 1987, broodmare.
                   Barholts Cassanova (Lærkens Cascade Dawn), grade B dressage, winner of many gelding showclasses.
                   Barholts Lucas (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), gold at quality test in showjumping and dressage.
                   Barholts McGregor (Baunely's Dipper), gelding inspection with 8 in overall impression.
                   Langtoftegård Patricia (Coosheen Finnegan), 1. premium and Best Pony at Inspection 2007, broodmare.
1.               Barholts Madonna (Lærkens Catch Me), 1. premium and Best in Show, born 1992, broodmare.
                         Barholts Evita (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), 1. premium, regional level showjumping, broodmare.

Lissroe Hurricane was born in 2000 and is an Irish class 1 stallion. He is the sire of class 1 stallions and represents the arab stallion line.

Lærken's Catch Me was born in 1986 og is a grade B dressagepony. He has sired about 50 foals including the grade B dressageponies  Nørlunds Carte D'or, Nørlunds Frk. Nitousche and Veddigne Fit-for-Fight.

Family photo


2018 - 8 years

Video dressage, November 2018

Video jumping, November 2018

Video XC and trail riding, September 2018

2017 - 7 years

2016 - 6 years

Loose jumping

2013 - 3 years

2012 - 2 years

2011 - 1 year

2010 - foal