Springers Poetic Rohan

Born 2009 - 147 cm
Dunroan grey

Rohan is a very talented stallion with an amazing temperament. He has an incredible pedigree with some of the best international performance lines. His foals show much promise. They have already been exported to 5 countries. Their results include class 1 stallions in Germany and Sweden plus the 2016 Champion mare in Belgium.

CPBS inspection 2012 - class 2
Type: 8 - Head: 8 - Neck: 7 - Shoulder: 7 - Body: 8 - Hind quaters: 7 -  Front limbs: 8 - Hind limbs: 8 - Walk, front: 9 - Walk, back: 9 - Trot: 9 - Athletic Ability: 9
Comments: Very athletic pony - covers the ground in his trot - may mature.

Show - 1st prize (8 in overall impression).
From the judges comments: Very good type, good width and depth, excellent head with a nice expression, well behaved.

Sire of:
Springers Poetic Diamond (born 2013) is exported to Belgium.
Springers Poetic Dream (born 2012) best 2 year old at show.

Springers Legolas (born 2012) is exported to Germany as a stallion prospect.
Springers Joleen (born 2013) wins her class at a youth show.
Springers Legolas - Rohan's first foal - is a class 1 stallion!

Springers Las Vegas (born 2015) is exported to Sweden.
Springers Poetic Diamond is the top scoring pony at the inspection in Belgium!
Springers Poetic Diamond is Champion Mare at the national show in Belgium!

Springers Charleston (born 2018) is exported to Sweden as a stallion prospect.
Springers Apollon (born 2018) is exported to the UK as a stallion prospect.
Springers Joleen is placed multiple times in CNC80 eventing.

Springers Charleston becomes a class 1 stallion in Sweden with extremely high scores.


Poetic Justice
140 cm showjumping
Ballydonagh Cassanova
Checkpoint Charlie (Camlin Cicada)
Atlantic Mist 2x Supreme Ch. Clifden (Carna Bobby)
Gloves Misty
3x Supreme Ch. Clifden
Carna Bobby (Gil)
Grey Hop 2nd (Mervyn Storm)
                                        Roanne Pondi             
Magic Leam Pondi
Grand Prix jumping
Dexter Leam Pondi EC jumping (Leam Finnigan)
Voyel de Beauchamp (Abbeyleix Apollo)
Hazure Pondi
Dam of 3 class 1 stallions
Cyrano Pondi GP jumping (Galway de la Dive)
Mandoline (Gold Fort)

The stallion line:

Poetic Justice (sire) was born in 1988 and he is 152 cm. He is licensed in Ireland and Sweden. Poetic Justice has competed in up to 140 cm showjumping against horses. Poetic Justice is now in France where he is a very popular sire of performance ponies. To date 3 of his progeny have competed at the European Championship. Poetic Justice is the sire of many good showjumpers including Poetic Girl, Poetic News, Poetic Shano, Peace Choice, Poetic Hamlet, Pride, Poetic Annie, Poetic Byron, Little Wonder, Poetic Bess, Poetic Joyce, Poetic Kelly, Golden Star...


Ballydonagh Cassanova (sire's sire) is the sire of Monatigue Casanova,  placed 12th in the European showjumping Championship in 1993, 15th in 1994 and 14th in 1995; and Westside Mirah, licensed stallion with very successful showjumping progeny in Ireland. Cassanova is the sire of the dam of Jolicoco de Ravery, 8 participations at the European show- jumping championship in 1981-1991.

Gloves Misty (sire's dam) won Supreme Champion at Clifden in 1982, 1986 and 1988. She is the dam of licensed stallions Gloves Duke S 802, Gorteen Boy S 825, Ben Baun, Seafield Pookhaun S 945, Gloves Misty Owen S 1000, Canal Misty Fionn (France) and Poetic Justice S 909 / RC 81. Two of her daughters are also the dams of licensed stallions. 

The mare family:

Roanne Pondi (dam) was imported to Denmark as a foal. She is the full sister of French class 1 stallions Qalipso Pondi and Soprano Leam Pondi. Both have won their class at the French National show for Connemara as colts. Both are rising stars in showjumping.

Qalipso Soprano

Hazure Pondi (dam's dam) is the dam of licensed stallions Leo Pondi (by Dexter Leam Pondi), Qalipso Pondi (by Magic Leam Pondi) and Soprano Leam Pondi (Magic Leam Pondi). Several os Hazure's foals are successful jumpers. Hazures fullsister Grace Pondi has won Grand Prix showjumping.

Grace Pondi

Magic Leam Pondi (dam's sire) was born in 2000 og competes in Grand Prix showjumping. Roanne is from his first year of foals. He is the sire of class 1 stallions Soprano Leam Pondi, Silver Leam Pondi and Saïan de Kezeg.

Dexter Leam Pondi (dam's sire's sire) was born in 1991. He won Supreme Champion at the French national show in 1994. Dexter has participated in the European showjumping Championship 6 times (2002-2007) and he placed 7th in 2006. He won the French Championship in 2003. Dexter is the sire of many top showjumpers including Ix de L'Aulne, 7th at the European Championship in 2005, 11th in 2006 and 9th in 2007; Jobic de Coatreal, licensed stallion and European championship participant in 2007 and Ice and Fire D'Albran, licensed stallion and a very succesful showjumper in Denmark.

Cyrano Pondi (dam's dam's sire) has competed successfully in showjumping. He is the sire of many good showjumpers including Giovanni Roscoat, Grace Pondi, Itau II, Kanter White, Kim de L'Alleu...


2016 - 7 years

2015 - 6 years

2014 - 5 years

2013 - 4 years

2012 - 3 years

2009-2011  -  Foal to 2 years


Springers Legolas (Springers Just Lovely) Brown stallion
Class 1 stallion in Germany
Springers Poetic Dream (Baunely's Daphne) Grey mare
Exported to Sweden.
Springers Joleen (Springers Just Lovely) Grey mare
Exported to Finland.
Springers Poetic Diamond (Baunely's Daphne) BEC mare
Exported to Belgium.
Springers Spokojna (Birkely Spokojna) Grey mare Broodmare with us.
Springers Las Vegas (Springers Just Lovely) Dun colt
Exported to Sweden.
Springers Shadowfax (Birkely Spokojna) Grey colt
Springers Charleston (Springers Charleen) Grey colt
Class 1 stallion in Sweden.
Springers Apollon (Enghøjs Vanessa) Strawberry roan colt
Exported to the UK.
Springers Dragonfire (Springers Dakina) Grey colt

Springers Amber (Springers Savannah) Grey filly

Springers Legolas (3 years)
Class 1 stallion in Germany

Springers Poetic Diamond (3 years)
Champion mare in Belgium

Springers Joleen (7 years)
Exported to Finland

Springers Charleston (3 years)
Class 1 stallion in Sweden