Springers Gold Dust

Gelding born July 2018

Sold to Norway 2020


Golden Atlantis
Rolls Royce
Elite stallion
Rory Ruadh Elite stallion (Finney Master)
Brantshammer Julie Elite mare (Slieve Dara)
Enghøjs Vanessa
Cocum Thunder Boy (Thunderbolt)
Enghøjs Lovely Lauren Elite (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel)
Baunely's Daphne
1. premium
Ravnsholts Diablo Lærkens Callaghan (Hazy Dawn)
Lindelygaard Flicka (Øxenholm Godot)
Baunelys Bernadette
Elite mare
Earl of Doon Elite, grade B showjumper (Abbeyleix Owen)
Hesteklewa Fairy Francine 1. premium (H. Willie Winkie)

Mare family

4. Lambay Fairy (Fort Fineen / Madelaine) born 1974, 7 foals.
3.     Hesteklewa Fairy Francine (Hesteklewas Willie Winkie) born 1981, regional level dressage, 3 foals.
              Cadillac (Earl of Doon), regional champion showjumping.
2.          Baunelys Bernadette (Earl of Doon), 1. premium Elitemare, born 1985, 8 foals.
                   Baunely's Dipladenia (Ravnsholt's Diablo), 1. premium.
                   Baunely's Crocus (Lærkens Cascade Dawn), 1. premium, BIS, broodmare.

1.               Baunely's Daphne (Ravnsholt's Diablo), 1. premium, broodmare.
                         Springers Casino (Kippure Cashel), 1. prize show.
                         Springers Poetic Diamond (Springers Poetic Rohan), Champion mare in Belgium 2016.

Springers Golden Atlantis was born in 2008 and Gillian is his first foal. Atlantis is from the breeds best dressage linie and out of one of the most successful Danish mare families in both show and performance. Atlantis is a stallion at our stud. Go to his page for more information.  

Ravnsholt's Diablo was born in 1996. Diablo has competed at regional level in dressage and showjumping. Several inspected daugthers have earned a 1. premium. Diablo has been leased to Germany and is now sold to Ireland.

Family photo


2021 - 3 years
in his new home in Norway

2020 - 2 years

Video from his 2nd time loose jumping.

2019 - yearling

2018 - foal