Springers Golden Atlantis

Born 2008 - 146 cm - 20,5 cm bone
Palomino (non-seasonal)

Atlantis has it all. Super balanced movement, a big canter and a powerful jump, complete with a fantastic color.  He is bred from a strong Danish mare familiy with amazing results in both breed shows and performance up to international level. Atlantis is from the last year of foals sired by the Swedish elite stallion Rolls Royce who represents one of the breeds absolutely best lines in dressage.

1st prize at youngstock show with 78888

Inspected in class 1 with a 9 in overall impression and 10-10 for jumping!
Points 8998-88-888-9 1010 

Sire of:
One of Atlantis foals has been presented at a show for the first time. The 2 year old colt Springers Golden Mint was awarded record high scores 88998 at a youth show! 

Springers Golden Mint has been inspected in Class 1 and is believed to be the world's first BEC stallion to accomplish this!

The 5 year old gelding Springers Mountain Mist has been successful in dressage, jumping and eventing. He has been sold to Sweden and will continue his performance career in primarily showjumping.

The 2 year old filly Springers Dance Star has been sold to Sweden.

Springers Mountain Mist is jumping 110cm at national level in Sweden.

Springes Mountain Mist is placed at national level 120cm in Sweden.

The 2 year old gelding Springers Gold Dust has been sold to Norway.

Both Springers Milo and Springers Gillian have started a promising dressage careers with several wins and placings at novice level.

Springers Mozart was inspected in Class 1 with exceptionally high scores and a rare 9 in overall impression. He also won Champion of the Inspection!

Springers Milo won Silver at the Danish Championship in TREC for teams.



Rolls Royce
Elite stallion
Rory Ruadh
Elite stallion
Finney Master Elite stallion (Carna Dun)
Fort Irene (Clonkeehan Auratum)
Brantshammar Julie
Elite mare
Slieve Dara (Mac Dara)
Brantshammar June (Clonkeehan Auratum)
Enghøjs Vanessa
1. premium
Cocum Thunder Boy Thunderbolt (Thunder)
Cocum Bella Donna (Atlantic Swirl)
Enghøjs Lovely Lauren
Elite mare
Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel Elite stallion (Hazy Dawn)
Enghøjs Queenie Elite mare (Øxenholm Godot)

Mare line

4. Majgaardens Golden Pear (Majgaardens Paddy / Rosenaharley Silver Nutmeg) born 1971, 7 foals.
         Kiwi (Øxenholm Markbook), 1. premium, 13 foals.
3.     Enghøjs Queenie (Øxenholm Godot), 1. premium Elitemare, born 1978, 15 foals.
              Enghøjs Golden Baron (Øxenholm Geronimo), grade B dressage.
              Enghøjs Irish Golden Rose (Øxenholm Markbook), Medal inspected, broodmare.
              Enghøjs O'Hara (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), premiummare in Germany, broodmare.
2.          Enghøjs Lovely Lauren (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), Medal inspected Elitemare, born 1994, broodmare.
                   Enghøjs Quincy Blue (Baunely's Dipper), grade A showjumper, CSIP.
                   Enghøjs Rebel Joy (Rebel Justice),  regional showjumping.
                   Enghøjs Red Scarlet (Coosheen Finnegan), regional showjumping and dressage.
                   Enghøjs Tabita (Øxenholm Markbook), Medal inspected.
                   Springers Just Lovely (Hesselbjerggård Justice), Championfoal 2007.
                   Nyholts Laureen (Lærken's Catch Me), Championfoal 2008.
1.               Enghøjs Vanessa (Cocum Thunder Boy), Championfoal 2004, 9 in overall impression at inspection.

Rolls Royce was born in 1980 and is a swedish Elite stallion. He won Best in Show at the swedish national show in 1984. At a quality test in 1984 Rolls Royce got 9,29 points in dressage - the highest result ever. He also placed 2nd in showjumping at the test. Rolls Royce is the sire of  Cyrrano, team gold at the European eventing Championship and individual 5th in  1995, team silver and individual 7th in 1996; Lotus II, 13th in 2004 and 15th in 2005 at the European dressage Championship; Ragnarps Royce Robot, winner of the swedish 5-year old dressage Championship in 2006; and many other successful eventing- and dressageponies. Rolls Royce is the sire of licensed stallion and successful dressagepony Touchwood Winston. Rolls Royce borther, the licensed stallion Juno Rory, has won 7 goldmedals in swedish dressage Championships and participated in the Europeans Championship in 1998 and 1999. Juno Rory was Swedens most winning dressagepony in 1999. Rolls Royce's halfbrother Janus (Øxenholm Marble Jr.) has won many Best in Show titles in Sweden and Ireland.

Cocum Thunder Boy was born in 1991. He was leased to Denmark in 2003 and 2005 from France. He won Reserve Supreme Champion at the frensh national show in 1999 and 2002. Thunder Boy is the sire of  Kimberley Mélody, Supreme Champion at the frensh national show in 2005 and 2006; and licensed stallions and dressage ponies Ice 'n Blue Time, Jamai de L'Aubier and Kefir de L'Etang.

Family photo


2022 - 14 years

2020 - 12 years

2019 - 11 years

2017 - 9 years

2016 - 8 years

Loose jumping, July 2016

2015 - 7 years

2013 - 5 years

2012 - 4 years

2011 - 3 years


2010 - 2 years

2009 - 1 year

2008 - foal


Springers Gillian (Springers Genie)
Grey mare
Springers Match Me (Barholts Madonna) Grey gelding
Springers Mountain Mist (Springers Poetic Mist)
Grey gelding
120 cm jumping in Sweden
Springers Caspian (Springers Cassiopeia) Dun colt

Springers Golden Mint (Springers Poetic Mist)
BEC stallion
Class 1 stallion
Springers Dance Star (Baunely's Daphne) Bay mare
Sold to Sweden
Springers Milo (Springers Poetic Mist)
Chestnut gelding
Springers Gold Dust (Baunely's Daphne) Dun gelding
Sold to Norway
Springers Mozart (Springers Poetic Mist)
BEC stallion
Class 1 Champion stallion
Springers Mira (Springers Poetic Mist)
Grey mare

Springers Supersonic (Springers Spokojna)
Grey colt

Springers Mozart

Springers Gillian 

Springers Mountain Mist
Springers Milo