Springers Golden Mint

Born 2013 - 147 cm
BEC (perlino, heterozygous grey)

SUPER mover!

April 2015: Minty received record high scores for a 2 year old Connemara colt at the Dorthealyst show for young ponies. He got a 1st prize with 88998, the 9's being for his limbs and movement!  Minty was by far the best Connemara at the show.

August 2016: Minty has become the world's first BEC stallion to achieved class 1!

Fullbrother to Springers Mountain Mist, placed in 120cm jumping, and Springers Mozart, class 1 stallion and Champion of the Inspection 2022.


Golden Atlantis
Rolls Royce
Elite stallion
Rory Ruadh Elite stallion (Finney Master)
Brantshammer Julie Elite mare (Slieve Dara)
Enghøjs Vanessa
1. premium
Cocum Thunder Boy (Thunderbolt)
Enghøjs Lovely Lauren Elite (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel)
Springers Poetic Mist
1. premium
Poetic Justice
Elite & showjumping
Ballydonagh Cassanova (Checkpoint Charlie)
Gloves Misty 3x Clifden Supreme champion (Carna Bobby)
Barholts Madonna
1. premium
Lærkens Catch Me Grade B dressage (Øxenholm Marble Jr.)
Barholts Rosaleen 1. premium (Øxenholm Markbook)

Mare family 5. Majgaardens Donna (Padraig of Rosenaharley/Rosenaharley Sugar), born 1970, 5 foals.
         Kærvangs Candie (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1 premium, Elitemare, 17 foals.
4.     Kærvangs Ditte (Rosenaharley Lavelle), 1 premium, born 1971, 7 foals.
              Barholts McKenzie (Øxenholm Markbook), grade B dressage.
3.          Barholts Rosaleen (Øxenholm Markbook), 1. premium Elitemare, born 1987, broodmare.
                   Barholts Cassanova (Lærkens Cascade Dawn), grade B dressage, winner of many gelding showclasses.
                   Barholts Lucas (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), gold at quality test in showjumping and dressage.
                   Barholts McGregor (Baunely's Dipper), gelding inspection with 8 in overall impression.
                   Langtoftegård Patricia (Coosheen Finnegan), 1. premium and Best Pony at Inspection 2007, broodmare.
2.               Barholts Madonna (Lærkens Catch Me), 1. premium and Best in Show, born 1992, broodmare.
                         Barholts Evita (Frederiksminde Hazy Marvel), 1. premium, regional level showjumping, broodmare.
1.                     Springers Poetic Mist (Poetic Justice), 1. premium Sweden, broodmare.

Springers Golden Atlantis was born in 2008 and his first foals are from 2012. Atlantis is from the breeds best dressage line and out of one of the most successful Danish mare families in both show and performance. Atlantis is a stallion at our stud. Go to his page for more information.

Poetic Justice was born in 1988 and he is 152 cm. He is licensed in Ireland and Sweden. Poetic Justice has competed in up to 140 cm showjumping against horses. Poetic Justice is now in France where he is a very popular sire of performance ponies. To date 3 of his progeny have competed at the European Championship. Poetic Justice is the sire of many good showjumpers including Poetic Girl, Poetic News, Poetic Shano, Peace Choice, Poetic Hamlet, Pride, Poetic Annie, Poetic Byron, Little Wonder, Poetic Bess, Poetic Joyce, Poetic Kelly, Golden Star, Poetic Justice Cassio...

Family photo


2023 - 10 years

Video from March 2023

2016 - 3 years

Video loose jumping in August 2016

2015 - 2 years

2014 - Yearling

2013 - Foal



Springers Jessica (Springers Just Lovely)
Grey mare
Sold in Denmark
Springers Jazz (Springers Just Lovely) Dun colt
Export Germany
Springers Silver Storm (Springers Spokojna)
Grey colt

Springers Louisiana (Springers Just Lovely) Palomino filly

Springers Jessica

Springers Jazz 
Springers Louisiana

Springers Silver Storm