Springers Silver Morning

Gelding, grey (from black)
Born 2005 - 148 cm


Placed in dressage, showjumping, eventing, and in hand show.

Hunting pony. Danish "hunting" does not include any actual hunting but lots of jumping. In 2023 Silver jumped his 100th registered hunt. This has taken 12 years to accomplish.

1* eventing for horses.


Skousboe Morning Rock Hazy Dawn Dale Haze Elite stallion (Tully Grey)
Castle Park (Abbeyleix Owen)
Frederiksminde Mellow
Grade A showjumper
Hamlet of Oakleigh Elite stallion (Mervyn Strom)
Øxenholm Movie Star 1. premium (Marble)
Birkely Spokojna           
Grade A eventing          
Majgaardens Killian
Padraig of Rosenaharley Elite stallion (Doon Paddy)
Holens Bess Elite mare (Rosenaharley MacMilo)
Øxenholm Square Dancer
Elite mare
Rory Ruadh Elite stallion (Finney Master)
Holens Smut Elite mare (Rosenaharley MacMilo)

Mare family

4. Smear Mullai (Clonkeehan Auratum / Wild Wisdom) born 1964, 9 foals.
          Holens Maskot (Rosenaharley Mac Milo), team Gold and individual 4th place Nordic Championship dressage 1984.
3.      Holens Smut (Rosenaharley Mac Milo), 1. premium elitemare, born 1971, 12 foals.
               Brunskær Smuttie (Hazy Dawn), 1. premium, broodmare.
               Øxenholm Sleepy Eyes (Øxenholm M.A.S.H.), Medal inspected elitemare, broodmare.
               Øxenholm Columbine (Rory Ruadh), 1. premium elitemare, 7 foals.
               Øxenholm Sandra (Lambay Boy), 1. premium, 2 foals.
2.           Øxenholm Square Dancer (Rory Ruadh), 1. premium elitemare, born 1981, 13 foals.
                      Banks Square's Do-Do (Grange Surf Sparrow), 
Medal inspected elitemare, broodmare.
                      Banks Limerick (Grange Surf Sparrow), European Championship competitor in dressage 2007.

1.                  Birkely Spokojna (Majgaardens Killian), grade A eventing, grade B showjumping, Danish Champion...

Sire's mare family
4. Øxenholm Marigold (Øxenholm Godot / Øxenholm Marilyn), 1. premium elitemare, born 1976, 8 foals.
          Maxi Lily of the Valley (Earl of Doon), grade B showjumper, 1 foal.
          Cherry af Ellebrud (Øxenholm Chess), grade A showjumper, 4 foals.
          Golden-Gate af Ellebrud (Munkholm Cobbergate), grade A showjumper, 1 foal.
          Maximillian af Ellebrud (Lærkens Callaghan), grade B showjumper, temporary stallion license.
3.      Øxenholm Movie Star (Marble), 1. premium, born 1979, 16 foals.
               Frederiksminde Maddy (Hazy Dawn), 1. premium and Best in Show, broodmare.
               Frederiksminde Hazy Merlin (Hazy Dawn), licensed stallion in Ireland.
               Frederiksminde Mathilda (Hazy Dawn), inspected with 42 points in Sweden, broodmare.
               Frederiksminde Marion (Hazy Dawn), Supreme Champion USA, broodmare.
               Frederiksminde Molly (Hazy Dawn), placed 4th in Clifden, broodmare.
               Frederiksminde Hazy Maureen (Hazy Dawn), 1. premium.
               Frederiksminde Migthy (Hazy Dawn), 
licensed stallion.
               Frederiksminde Hazy Move On (Hazy Dawn),  
licensed stallion in Germany and Ireland.
               Frederiksminde Hazy Star (Hazy Dawn),  
1. premium, broodmare.  
2.           Frederiksminde Mellow (Hamlet of Oakleigh),  grade A showjumper, 
1. premium, broodmare.
                   Skousboe Mana (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy), grade A showjumper, Danish Champion 2005,  Baltic Cup winner.
                   Skousboe Meadow (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy), grade A showjumper, placed 4th Nordic Championship 2004.
                   Skousboe Minion (Frederiksminde Mandy Boy), grade A showjumper, international results.
                   Frederiksminde Hazy Mike (Hazy Dawn), stallionprospect born 2005, Ireland.

                   Frederiksminde Mellow 2nd (Hazy Dawn), Supreme Champion, Ireland.
1.               Skousboe Morning Rock (Hazy Dawn), Supreme Champion in Denmark, Germany and Ireland.


Skousboe Morning Rock was born in 1991. He has won Supreme Champion titles in Denmark, Germany and Ireland. Morning Rock is the sire of Skousboe Candyfloss, grade A showjumper and grade B eventing and Skousboe Morning Gift, grade B showjumper. He is also the sire of many mares with a 1. premium at inspection and the licensed stallion AC - Samson af Engvang (Germany).  Morning Rock was sold to Germany in 2004 and in 2008 he was leased to Ireland. 

Majgaardens Killian was born in 1981 and has competed in dressage at regional level. He is the sire of 51 foals, including Pilgaards Killroy, licensed stallion and grade A dressage; Pilgaards Stephie, 1. premium at inspection; Pilgaards Vogue, german elitemare; Royal Peanut Hedelund, grade A showjumper; Donna, grade A eventing; and several grade B showjumpers.

Family photo


2023 (18 years)

Hunting photos: Jimmy Leen Friis

2022 (17 years)

Photos: Jimmy Leen Friis

2020 (15 years)

2019 (14 years)

Photos by densmukkehut.dk

2018 (13 years)

Photo: Emilie Haut
Photo: Kaj Frøling
Photo: Jimmy Leen Friis


2017 (12 years)

XC training January 2017

2016 (11 years)

Photos from the Hubertus hunt by Jimmy Leen Friis and Katrine Hallund.


Video from CNC90 eventing


2015 (10 years)

2014 (9 years)

2013 (8 years)


2012 (7 years)

2010 (5 years)


2005-2009 (foal to 4 years)