Birkely Spokojna

Born 1991 -145 cm

Kojna has been a joy to ride in my pony years. Her courage, surefootedness, jumping ability, will, and love of speed made her the best cross country jumping pony in the country in our final year of competition. Kojna enjoyed life as a broodmare and had 7 foals before finally retiring. In 2013 she adopted our 5 week old orphan filly and raised her together with her own 10 week old filly. At 29 years she is still in excellent health with sound legs. Kojna passes on a balanced canter, jumping ability, excellent rideability and very strong hooves.

HWSD free N/N.


Danish Champion cross country jumping 2003
Silver medal Danish Championship eventing 03
Silver Nordic Championship team eventing 03
3rd most winning eventingpony i Denmark 03
Grade A eventing
Grade B showjumper
Successful hunting pony
Elite mare


Majgaardens Killian Padraig of Rosenaharley
Elite stallion
Doon Paddy (Carna Dun)
Rosenaharley May Milis (May Boy)
Holens Bess
1 premium Elite mare
Rosenaharley Mac Milo Elite stallion (Mac Namara)
Brigitte 1 premium Elite mare (Bridge Boy)
Øxenholm Square Dancer
1 premium Elite Mare
Rory Ruadh
Elite stallion
Finney Master Elite stallion (Carna Dun)
Fort Irene (Clonkeehan Auratum)
Holens Smut
1 premium Elite mare
Rosenaharley Mac Milo Elite stallion (Mac Namara)
Smear Mullai Elite mare (Clonkeehan Auratum)

Mare family
3. Smear Mullai (Clonkeehan Auratum / Wild Wisdom) born 1964, 9 foals.
          Holens Maskot (Rosenaharley Mac Milo), team Gold and individual 4th place Nordic Championship dressage 1984.
2.      Holens Smut (Rosenaharley Mac Milo), 1. premium elitemare, born 1971, 12 foals.
               Brunskær Smuttie (Hazy Dawn), 1. premium, broodmare.
               Øxenholm Sleepy Eyes (Øxenholm M.A.S.H.), Medal inspected elitemare, broodmare.
               Øxenholm Columbine (Rory Ruadh), 1. premium elitemare, 7 foals.
               Øxenholm Sandra (Lambay Boy), 1. premium, 2 foals.
1.           Øxenholm Square Dancer (Rory Ruadh), 1. premium elitemare, born 1981, 13 foals.
                      Banks Square's Do-Do (Grange Surf Sparrow), 
Medal inspected elitemare, dam of multichampion Banks Vanilla.
                      Banks Limerick (Grange Surf Sparrow), European Championship competitor in dressage 2007.

Sire's mare family
3. Brigitte (Bridge Boy / Betsy Bay 2075 CPS), 
1. premium elitemare, born 1964, 11 foals.
         Øxenholm Buttercup (Øxenholm Godot), 
1. premium, 8 foals.
         Øxenholm Barbara (Øxenholm Godot), 
1. premium, 1 foal.
         Øxenholm Bardot (Rosenaharley Mac Milo),
1. premium elitemare, 8 foals.
2.     Holens Bess (Rosenaharley Mac Milo), 
1. premium elitemare, born 1970, 8 foals.
              Surprice (Ashfield Stormy Sparrow), grade B dressage.
              Majgårdens Peacock  (Padraig of Rosenaharley), grade B horse in showjumping.
1.          Majgaardens Killian (Padriag of Rosenaharley), regional level dressage, licensed stallion.


Majgaardens Killian was born in 1981 and has competed in dressage at regional level. He is the sire of 51 foals, including Pilgaards Killroy, licensed stallion and grade A dressage; Pilgaards Stephie, 1. premium at inspection; Pilgaards Vogue, German elitemare; Royal Peanut Hedelund, grade A showjumper; Donna, grade A eventing; and several grade B showjumpers. 

Rory Ruadh was born in 1971 and is an elite stallion as both a Connemara and a Danish Sportspony. He is the sire of several European Championship competitors - in dressage Øxenholm Topsider (1991 and 1994), Juno Rory (1998 and 1999) and Lærkens Czardas (1987, 1988 and 1989) and in showjumping Kilkady Darling (team Gold 1987 (France), several participations). Rory is also the sire of many licensed stallions,  mares with very good showresults and grade A ponies. 

Family photo


2001-2003 - Our competition years

2009 - 18 years

2010 - 19 years

2013 (22 years)
With her own filly and her adopted filly!

2015 (24 years)

2020 - 29 years



                                2005: Springers Silver Morning, colt by Skousboe Morning Rock
                                2006: Springers Shamrock, colt by Ravnsholt's Diablo
                                2008: Springers Silas, colt by Kippure Cashel
                                2010: Springers Silent Storm, colt by Marvel van Graff Janshof
                                2011: Springers Samantha, filly by Lofty Malachy
                                2013: Springers Spokojna, filly by Springers Poetic Rohan
                                2015: Springers Shadowfax, colt by Springers Poetic Rohan

Springers Silver Morning (2005)
CNC1* eventing and hunting pony.

Springers Shamrock (2006)

Springers Silas (2008)
139 cm jumping & dressage pony

Springers Silent Storm (2010)
Qualified for CNC100 eventing as a 6 year old before being sold to USA

Springers Samantha (2011)
154cm mare inspected with an 8 in overall impression

Springers Spokojna (2013)
Broodmare at our stud!

Springers Shadowfax (2015)