About the stud

Breeding goal:
Our goal is to breed Connemaraponies capable of performing at a high level in showjumping, eventing and dressage, and at the same time capable of placing well in the showring. To achieve this our mares are from good mare families which have given quality ponies for several generations. Over the years we have chosen stallions with excellent performance records. We now have two excellent young stallions bred from the best international performance lines the breed has to offer - one in dressage and one in showjumping.  

We have had Connemaraponies since 1999 as performanceponies. These were our mares Barholts Madonna and Birkely Spokojna.  When the age limit for pony-competition was passed we began breeding and purchased several good fillies.

Ponies we have bred:
Springers Las Vegas (Springers Poetic Rohan / Springers Just Lovely)
Springers Calypso (Springers Legolas / Springers Calibra)
Springers Dance Star (Springers Golden Atlantis / Baunely's Daphne)
Springers Shadowfax (Springers Poetic Rohan / Birkely Spokojna)
Springers Camelot (Springers Legolas / Enghøjs Vanessa)
Springers Milo (Springers Golden Atlantis / Springers Poetic Mist)

Springers Caspian (Springers Golden Atlantis / Springers Cassiopeia)
Springers Joleen (Springers Poetic Rohan / Springers Just Lovely)
Springers Poetic Diamond (Springers Poetic Rohan / Baunely's Daphne) sold to Belgium
Springers Spokojna (Springers Poetic Rohan / Birkely Spokojna)
Springers Golden Mint (Springers Golden Atlantis / Springers Poetic Mist)
Springers Hazy Avalon (Hazy Dawn / Enghøjs Vanessa)
Springers Hazy Roxanne (Hazy Dawn / Roanne Pondi)

Springers Legolas (Springers Poetic Rohan / Springers Just Lovely) sold to Germany
Springers Gillian (Springers Golden Atlantis / Springers Genie)
Springers Poetic Dream (Springers Poetic Rohan / Baunely's Daphne)
Springers Match Me (Springers Golden Atlantis / Barholts Madonna)
Springers Mountain Mist (Springers Golden Atlantis / Springers Poetic Mist)

Springers Calibra (Lofty Malachy / Frederiksminde Crown Princess) 1st prize show
Springers Savannah ( Marvel van Graaf Janshof / Enghøjs Vanessa)
Springers Just Believe (Marvel van Graaf Janshof / Springers Just Lovely)
Springers Samantha (Lofty Malachy / Birkely Spokojna)
Springers Rocan (Springers Casino / Roanne Pondi)


Springers Silent Storm (Marvel van Graaf Janshof / Birkely Spokojna)
Springers Charleen (Dexter Leam Pondi / Frederiksminde Crown Princess) 1st prize show
Springers Greylight (Marvel van Graaf Janshof / Kærvangs Grace)
Springers Dakina (Clifden de L'Aulne / Baunely's Daphne)
Springers Moonlight (Lissroe Hurricane / Barholt's Madonna)
Springers Royan (Marvel van Graaf Janshof / Roanne Pondi)

Springers Cassiopeia (Poetic Justice / Frederiksminde Crown Princess)
Springers Cassini (Kippure Cashel / Baunely's Daphne)
Springers Hazy Magic (Hazy Dawn / Barholts Madonna)
Springers Nashville (Poetic Justice / Enghøjs Vanessa) sold to Ireland
Springers Poetic Rohan (Poetic Justice / Roanne Pondi)


Springers Callisto (Poetic Justice / Frederiksminde Crown Princess) 1st prize show
Springers Casino (Kippure Cashel / Baunely's Daphne) 1st prize show
Springers Golden Atlantis (Rolls Royce / Enghøjs Vanessa) 1st prize show
Springers Poetic Mist (Poetic Justice / Barholts Madonna) 1st prize show
Springers Silas (Kippure Cashel / Birkely Spokojna)
Springers Genie (Kippure Cashel / Kærvangs Grace)

Springers Megan (Minotauros (Swedish sportspony) / Barholts Madonna)
Springers Just Lovely (Hesselbjerggård Justice / Enghøjs Lovely Lauren) Championfoal
Springers Sir Galahad (Kippure Cashel / Kærvangs Grace)

Springers Gazelle (Knabstrupper stallion / Kærvangs Grace)
Springers Shamrock (Ravnsholt's Diablo / Birkely Spokojna)

Springers Silver Morning (Skousboe Morning Rock / Birkely Spokojna)